Asus confirms PCIE 5.0 12pin power connectors are coming

Asus confirms PCIE 5.0 12pin power connectors are coming

Asus is looking to cater to Nvidia reference RTX 3000 owners and potentially anyone using a PCIExpress 5.0 graphics card (whenever they release). Its new generation of power supplies includes a bespoke 12pin micro connector.

When Nvidia released its RTX 3000 graphics cards there wasn't much attention placed on the new 12pin connector beyond its guarantee that these cards higher than usual power demands and thermal requirements. But it's also poorly placed for case aesthetics, and no power supplies supporting it without converting existing 8pin connectors using lengthy and chunky adapters -- again breaking all sorts of GPU aesthetic norms in the process.

Asus new ROG Thro range of Platinum II and Titanium efficiency power supplies come with a dedicated 12pin power cable that will help solve at least part of those PSU woes with RTX 3000 cards, but it's also designed to future proof the units against next-generation PCIExpress 5.0 graphics cards, which may demand this kind of connector in greater numbers.

The new power supplies are designed to cater to the extreme needs of new and next-gen graphics cards too. Asus highlighted where a 350W RTX 3090 could sometimes have minor power spike demands of over 900W, meaning that not only are higher wattage at higher efficiencies required for newer cards, but they also need better power management.

A new connector, new digital power delivery system, and new tiers of performance eccifiency set these PSUs up to be real trend setters for the year to come.