ATI Nvidia PCI-E Showdown

As the Intel Developer Forum drew to a close visitors were left with a strange feeling that they had not seen all there is to see from the two major graphics rivals. Both were very loud and made sure everyone knew that their PCI Express cards will be the fastest and both, ATI and Nvidia, had cards with the coveted bus even though compatible mainboards are not expected before early summer.
The shouting about PCI-E was definitely not the main topic of conversation however, which as you might expect was how the two firms will do once their new chips are released.

The absence of any physical evidence of the NV40 and R420 and the way in which both companies chose not to officially mention those chips were the real reasons behind any visitor disappointment. To fill the gap both companies had their PR machines working overtime with strange rumors and details surfacing of how each company would definitely come out on top this time round.

Strangely enough, the most convincing whispers seemed to come from the Nvidia camp which seemed extremely confident that the NV40 will rule supreme once both chips are released.

Pure hype or is there some truth to the claims? We will have to wait until CeBit in Hannover, Germany, (18 to 24 March) when both companies are expected to preview, in some physical form or other, their newest offerings.

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