Battlefield Hardline gets new teaser trailer

As if the recent (possibly deliberately) leaked footage of Battlefield Hardline wasn't enough to get you interested in its first showing at E3, EA has released a new teaser trailer with some live action footage of... stuff.

Seriously, it doesn't feature anything to do with the game and instead, just shows you stuff: cash, a bomb, a gun and a dude in some riot armour.

Despite the vaguery in the trailer, which seems so pointless now we've actually seen the game itself in action, it does hint at some of the most talked about features of the final game. There's a shot of a guy firing a grappling hook zip wire on to a nearby building, which is something that we're told can be done almost anywhere in the final game, possibly adding a new tactical dimension to gameplay.

Likewise we see the use of non-lethal weaponry like a taser, which could suggest that players on the cops side of the vs paradigm, may need to restrain certain members of the enemy team instead of just gunning them down.

"Welcome to your new playground," is the tagline to the whole thing, which reminds us that this is battlefield we're talking about here, not S.W.A.T so there won't be much in the way of insta-fail missions, it's about running and gunning as you'd expected, but with cop cars and riot shields.

Expect thee full reveal later today at E3.

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