Bioware: Dragon Age Is More Successful Than Mass Effect

BioWare's principal designer, Rob Bartel, revealed that Dragon Age was a more successful than Mass Effect.

In fact, Dragon Age is now the most successful game released by Bioware, the creators of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur's Gate, MDK2 and Neverwinter Nights.

"Dragon Age was an extremely successful title for us - last November it was the single most globally successful title we've put out to date," said Bartel.

"This is one of our two primary IPs in the Edmonton studio in Canada, and then we're working on the Old Republic down in Austen. So Dragon Age is a very big part of what we do and for what the future for BioWare will hold for sure."

It is worth noting that Mass Effect has been released on Xbox 360 and PC only, while Dragon Age was released for Mac and Playstation 3 in addition to the Xbox 360 and PC.

Dragon Age 2 has been officially confirmed for March 2011 release.

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