Blizzard adds widescreen support to Warcraft 3 in latest patch

Although released more than 16 years ago, Warcraft 3 has just received a brand new update to make it more compatible with modern PCs and displays, by adding support for widescreens. Added first to the public test realm and set to roll out to the wider game community in the near future, the update also brings with it some bug fixes and further balance tweaks to continue to improve the game.

Of all of the game publishers out there, Blizzard has a solid reputation of maintaining old games. It provides patches for all of its classic titles, regularly updating games like Starcraft, the Warcraft Trilogy and more, and Warcraft 3 is part of that. This latest patch adds some visual "bookends" to the menus and interface, making the game -- that was originally designed with 4:3 displays in mind -- look much better on modern systems.

The update also resets ladder rankings, so you'll need to grind away at the opposition to rise up once again, but the meta game may change a little too, so beware. Thunder Clap damage and area of effect have been increased and the Carrion Swarm mana cost has been reduced, as per PCGamer. Other changes include an increase in the base movement speed of the Mountain King and Far Seer now has substantially more health and rewards less experience for being killed.

This update brings Warcraft 3 to version 1.29 and will be the last to support Windows XP, so if you're playing on the old operating system and want to continue playing new versions in the future, you may want to finally make the upgrade to a new OS -- not least because it's a dangerously unsupported and insecure platform at this point.

For a full rundown of changes and improvements with this patch, check out the page.

Image source: MrJack/Deviantart

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