CableMod is trying to fix the awful RTX 4090 power connector

CableMod, the maker of a range of powersupply and other system cable designs, has announced a new product designed to improve the awful power cable placement on the Nvidia RTX 4090. The 12-pin connector, first launched with its RTX 3000 range of GPUs, is back this generation, but this time it's vertical, meaning even more of a cable spaghetti for those willing to pay $1,600 for the latest and greatest GPU.

CableMod's change is hoping to fix that. It's a right-angled power connector that slots into the 12-pin and lets those with new PSUs that support the 12pin standard to connect straight to it, or those using the 8pin adapters can connect those instead. It's still not ideal, and there will be cable mess -- especially if you're using the 8pin adapters -- but this is certainly a big upgrade over the standard orientation which actually makes it difficult for some cases to be closed if clearance is shallow.

The cable is set to go up for pre-sale on October 31, with official sales and shipping starting shortly after -- though no word yet on exactly when. We don't have any pricing info either, but Casemod has said there will be two versions, so they should fit all founders edition versions of the RTX 4090 or RTX 4080.

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