Cliff Blezinski may have a new game in the works

Cliff Blezinski may have a new game in the works

Cliff Blezinski, the maker of Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and the ill-fated LawBreakers, is back working on a new project, but he's being quite coy about the whole thing, and even suggested it might not be a game. At least not how we know it at this time.

Cliffy B was once a gaming prodigy, helping to found the image of Epic Games long before it was the home of Fortnite, its own game store, and many billions of dollars. He helped pioneer the gritty and grungy look and feel of games like Gears of War, before going off to make his own take on the classic fast paced shooter. As great as LawBreakers was, though, it never found the traction it needed to be a longstanding FPS experience and it quickly fell by the wayside, eclipsed by more contemporary shooters, and the emerging MOBA and Battle Royale genres of the day.

Now it seems, Blezinski is back in the saddle stating in a recent QnA with fans: "Yes, for the record, I'm working on some new stuff, and you should know every damned day it's agonizing to not talk about it. Deal with it. Love y'all."

Although he later suggested that it might not be a traditional videogame, he also addressed fellow videogame veteran, Rami Ismail, stating that the two had had a video call about it previously. Ismail, for his part, claimed to be very excited about the project.

The only other statement Blezinski made on the matter was to shoot down a fan's suggestion that the project had something to do with "chainsaws," a reference to the classic assault rifle accessory from the Gears of War series. Whatever he's making, it's something new.