Command and Conquer The First Decade

Command and Conquer The First Decade Command and Conquer The First Decade

Electronic Arts announced, Command & Conquer The First Decade, one of the largest PC franchise compilations to date. Scheduled for release in February 2006, the title celebrates the 10th anniversary of this innovative franchise. This special collector's edition will include a dozen C&C games spanning over the last ten years plus a bonus DVD of commemorative video features.

With over 23 million units sold worldwide to date, the C&C franchise has defined the Real-time strategy (RTS) genre with cutting-edge visuals, epic storylines, and rich mission complexities. The series has evolved over a decade, spawned over a dozen titles, and continues to be the genre benchmark by which all RTS games are measured. With its explosive style of warfare, the C&C franchise has grown over the years to span multiple fictional genres, including the science fiction Tiberium universe, the revisionist history of the Red Alert universe, and a twist on modern warfare with Command & Conquer Generals.

The Command & Conquer The First Decade bonus DVD will feature a half-dozen exclusive video features including an interview with Louis Castle, who is also co-founder of Westwood Studios the creator of the C&C franchise. As a special bonus, C&C fans also have the opportunity to be featured on the exclusive DVD. The search is currently underway to find the world's biggest C&C fan that can showcase and prove their undying devotion to the C&C series via video submission. To find out more information, please follow the download tab above.

Command & Conquer The First Decade will combine the following titles:

- Command & Conquer (Aug. 1995)

- Command & Conquer The Covert Operations (April 1996)

- Command & Conquer Red Alert (Oct. 1996)

- Command & Conquer Red Alert The Aftermath (Sept. 1997)

- Command & Conquer Red Alert Counterstrike (Mar. 1997)

- Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun (Aug. 1999)

- Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Firestorm (Feb. 2000)

- Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 (Oct. 2000)

- Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge (Oct. 2001)

- Command & Conquer Renegade (Feb. 2002)

- Command & Conquer Generals (Feb. 2003)

- Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour (Sept. 2003)

Command & Conquer The First Decade is under development at EA's Los Angeles studio and has a US MSRP of USD 39.99.

C&C Facts:

The Command & Conquer franchise celebrated its 10th anniversary in August 2005. The ground-breaking franchise was one of the first to introduce players to the modern RTS genre, has spawned over a dozen PC titles, and ranks in the top 5 best-selling PC franchises of all-time according to the NPD Group. Additionally, Command & Conquer Red Alert and Command & Conquer Generals were the number one best-selling PC RTS titles in 2000 and 2003 respectively. Combined sales for the franchise have topped 23 million units worldwide to date. The franchise boasts one of the largest and most active fan communities in the world.