Crusader Kings III is adding character customization

Crusader Kings III is adding character customization

Some suspiciously out of time historical rulers have been showing up in Crusader Kings III screenshots, suggesting that you'll soon be able to implant rulers from history throughout the ages of the medieval dynasty simulator. If it works just like Crusader Kings II's character creator, then you'll be able to put yourself in the game too.

This was first spotted by Twitter user EnigmaticRose4 in a screenshot from Paradox Programmer Matthew Closhesy. He was playing as "classic" historical leader, Matilda of Tuscany. The only problem is he was playing with her in 867, but she doesn't appear in the game unless you start at 1066. Character customization confirmed.

If you needed any other indication that that's what's been found out, the official Crusader Kings Twitter account later replied to EnigmaticRose4 with the "eyes" emoji.

This doesn't tell us when the Ruler Designer will make its way to Crusader Kings III, but it likely won't be far away if the update is already under testing, it wouldn't be a surprise if it's too far away. The Crusader Kings II ruler designer update came out just a few months after the initial release of the game, so it seems almost certain it'll be here in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, as PCGamesN points out, there are a bunch of mods that add that functionality in a limited fashion. Check out some of the best Crusader Kings III mods here.