Crytek Austin Expats Establish Their Own Gunfire Games Studio

Former Crytek Austin CEO David Adams along with a group of former Crytek Austin and Vigial Games developers have joined together and founded new game development studio, Gunfire Games, in Texas.

Crytek Austin studio was founded by Crytek in 2013 as the company's first studio in USA. The studio was seeded primarily by former Vigil Games developers who were cast adrift after parent company THQ collapsed. As part of Crytek's recent internal restructuring, the majority of Crytek Austin was laid off after development of Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age was moved to Crytek Frankfurt.

Gunfire Games is still staffing up before deciding on the studio's first project. "We have seven people, all of the leads at Crytek USA," said Gunfire studio director Matt Guzenda. "We're still working on the next round of guys coming around."

Guzenda and co. still don't have a solid plan for their next project, but they intend to start off with a small short-term prject to pay the bill before expanding the studio and working on something bigger.

"Step 1, get some work to establish studio," said Gunfire Games cofounder and game director David Adams. "Step 2, work on the 'Next big thing.'"

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