DayZ official Xbox One launch before end of March

DayZ, the game that helped kickstart the Battle Royale genre revolution by offering open map survival gameplay for a large number of players, is actually out of Early Access now — after more than five years in development — and that means it can be officially released on consoles too. The Xbox One is getting it this month and to help celebrate, there's a brand new cinematic trailer.

If you've never played or heard of DayZ, it's an open world survival sim with brutal, ARMA-like combat. Get shot, you might just die. Run out of food, you're going to get weaker and die. You can take damage to different parts of your body, have your stuff stolen by other players, and have your base raided by them too. It's a pretty brutal and often unfair game set in an abandoned island. But that's what so many people love about DayZ.

Oh and there are zombies to look out for too.

What's somewhat surprising with the new trailer, since it's designed to act as an introduction to new players, is that it suggests that “Every day is a new story.” There is no story in DayZ apart from the ones you make yourself and depending on how fun a time you have, there will be different stories to tell. Steam reviews currently paint the game as a buggy mess, despite such long-running development and Early Access testing.

We would presume that the Xbox version will be a little more polished, but it's hard to tell at this point. We'll find out soon enough though as DayZ is slated to debut on March 27.

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