Dead by Daylight's new interface is much more sleek

Dead by Daylight's new interface is much more sleek

Dead by Daylight is getting a reasonable sized overhaul in its usability. This will mean a whole new HUD and much improved matchmaking, as well as some tweaks to animations. This will begin with separating out HUD elements to make them more accessible and useful, without overcrowding, and will also add progress measures for both hunters and survivors, letting them know how many times players have been hooked.

That not only lets you know how well you're doing as either team, but also whether it's worth going for that all-important save on your teammates next time they get grabbed.

This is just the beginning though, the developers promise that this will give new room for many new features that are coming down the pipeline.

Matchmaking is getting a complete overhaul, and will split rewards and the players you play with into discrete tiers. Each month your ranking will reset after you get your rewards, but who you play with will stay the same. The skill-based matchmaking system is still being tweaked, but when implemented, should make it more viable to play against those you're best matched with, rather than just basing it on player experience.

Animation changes are purely aesthetic, having no effect on movement speed or hit boxes, but will make the game look and feel more realistic and less of the cartoony style it has enjoyed in the past.

Several balancing changes for the Clown and Gideon Meat Plant are incoming too. For more details, check out the full dev diary below.