Dead Static is an existential survival game with a gorgeous art style

Ever faced off against elder gods and lived to tell the tale? Of course you have. You're a gamer. But you'll need to do it in a rather different manner in Dead Static Drive, a game about surviving in small town America following a return of ancient aliens that seem insurmountably dangerous. But you have a car. You have weapons. Can your whits keep you alive?

Described by the developers as Grand Theft Cthulhu, along with its unique premise comes a unique look and sound. It's cell shaded and orchestral, but rather unnerving, despite the beauty of the environments, wildlife and... creatures.

It's standard survival fare in that you'll be scavenging for supplies, teaming up with scared NPCs, and trying to stay ahead of whatever the hell it is that's chasing you and anything else that's still moving on two legs.

Dead Static Drive is set to go on sale at some point in 2020 on Xbox, Game Pass, and Steam.

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