Drift Stage is still a gorgeous looking, retro racer

It's been a long time since I've played as racing game where the car only had a handful potential sprites until you crashed it, but that's what Drift Stage reminds me of, with its pixel artwork, retro styling and awesome guitar riffs.

Coming from the minds of Sky Rogue artist Charles Blanchard and Chase Pettit, they hope that together hope they can create a 90's inspired racing game that is instantly fun to pick up and play, but has a lot of depth to it for those that want to shave seconds off of their best time.

To them, the current racing scene is too polarising, with sim like games at one end that have learning cliffs instead of curves and the arcade racers at the other end, which have little to no end-game progression in terms of player skill.

Drift Stage is currently in development for PC and MAC, with plans for a mobile release shortly after. As it stands, it's in the very early early stages, featuring just one car type and a couple of basic tracks with no goal other than to drift well.

There is multiplayer though, so expect four player, split screen gaming in the future.

What do you guys think of Drift Stage? Does it make you harken back to your earliest racing memories?

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