EA 'Struggled' To Create Casual Games

EA 'Struggled' To Create Casual Games EA 'Struggled' To Create Casual Games

EA Sports has several casual games under its belt right now, but it struggled a lot to achieve that.

During a speech at the Edinburgh Interactive conference, EA Sports president Peter Moore admitted that "In all the games we [EA Sports] made, everything was focused on making things more realistic."

"Each year - particularly at the beginning of a cycle - sports games were used to show how realistic video games had become." Then the Wii came along, and "the demographic was changing enormously."

EA took the decision to focus on the casual market, but most of the EA Sports development team struggled to abide. "It was hard. A lot of people at that time thought they would move on from our studios - they wanted to chase the core consumer." Moore didn't reveal if any of the stuff actually ended up leaving.