Earth Contest Game Uses Google Earth

Earth Contest Game Uses Google Earth Earth Contest Game Uses Google Earth

The creators of 'Earth Contest' are promising a new online reality game where players face extreme challenges and face their worst fears all while trying to beat the GameMaster.

The unique aspect of the game is that it utilizes Google Earth, Google Inc.'s free software, and its placemarks and web pages features and the developers claim that makes 'Earth Contest', the world's biggest interactive game.

In order to beat the GameMaster, you must follow the clues and utilize the Checkpoint feature to move ahead. Once you've beaten the first GameMaster, you'll advance to the Big Game of Earth Contest where you'll compete with other self proclaimed super sleuths for Big Rewards!

Earth Contest is entirely free and a community of eager gamers has already sprung up around the game. The game begins as a simple whodunit, offering clues that will, quite literally, take players around the globe. The game uses placemarks to guide players on their journey to the truth, offering clues about the quest. Using those clues players can progress from checkpoint to checkpoint. The website, for link follow the download tab above, offers a thorough guide to playing Earth Contest while you are all invited to use the comments section, or, to discuss your impressions of the game.