Epic Tweets About A jazzy Rabbity Game

Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski's latest tweets might seem meaningless to a lot of people, but we are sure most of our old score hardcore gamers will have no problem getting them.

"Thursday is going to be Jazzy," the first tweet reads, followed by a second one: "...might even be rabbity..."

The first Jazz Jackrabbit title was released in 1994 and its sequel was released in 1998 before the three-dimensional Jazz Jackrabbit 3 was canceled in 2000 when Epic games failed to find a publisher. Jazz Jackrabbit himself has been the mascot of Epic Games for quite a while.

Bleszinski's tweets give no clue as to whether they intend for the game to be a simple XBLA or PSN title or a full-fledged 3D Jazz Jackrabbit 3.

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