Eve Online is expanding with enormous citadel

Eve Online is expanding with enormous citadel

Eve: Online is a game of gigantic proportions. A single enormous server, huge, thousand strong organisations and corporations, and now fantastically proportioned structures too, as the next expansion for the game will bring the Citadel to bear, perhaps the biggest single creation in the history of MMOs.

But this isn't just a one off. In this next expansion, Citadels are something that players can actually build. They'll need an ungodly amount of money and resources to make it possible, but those giant corporations we mentioned should be able to foot the bill.

These things are so enormous, that when built to their full capacity they can even dock the game's biggest Super Capital ships, as well as hundreds of smaller vessels.

While the above flyby was impressive, you may have caught a glimpse of these sorts of monstrous facilities earlier this year, when CCP Games released the cinematic trailer for the Citadels.

As both trailers show though, these facilities can blow up too. Expect them to end up being a huge money sink for various organisations, only to have them snatched away in short order.

The Citadel expansion is expected to debut in the next few weeks.