Fallout 76 is online-only and will give players nukes

The much teased and talked about Fallout 76, was shown off in much greater detail at E3 over the weekend, where we learned what it will be, when it's set and how it will play. In that order, it's an online-only RPG experience, it's a prequel to all other Fallout games in the series, and players will be able to nuke one another. In short, it's bigger, badder, and more connected than any Fallout game ever released.

Fallout 76 was a surprising leap in nomenclature when it was teased a couple of weeks ago. Many expected Fallout 5, so 76 was a real shock. Still, it's become apparent since why that leap has been made and now we know that the game will have players all over the world battling it out in the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Perhaps the biggest news of E3 though is that nukes will be a viable way of decimating other player's holdings. Bethesda revealed that nuclear bunkers will be dotted around the world of Fallout 76 and players will be able to group up to go and find them. You'll need to find the codes to unlock them and detonate them, which will require a lot of killing and a lot of exploration, but get all of the codes you need and you'll have a superweapon at your disposal.

With a map four times the size of Fallout 4's though, you'll need to go on quite a slog to find everything you need, which should keep nukes in the hands of only the most dedicated players. Still, mushroom clouds in the distance could make for some exciting in-game moments, as well as continue the evolving lore of the Fallout universe.

What was your favorite feature of the Fallout 76 reveal?

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