Far Cry Console a New Game

Far Cry Console a New Game Far Cry Console a New Game

Ubisoft have officially confirmed the stories which we had reported claiming that Far Cry will see a console release. What is surprising however, is that Ubisoft claim the console version will be a completely different game based on Far Cry technology and titled Far Cry - Instincts.
The success of the title and its widespread critical acclaim had more or less sealed the development of console versions but the promise of a new game, for consoles, delivered before the end of 2004 is somewhat surprising.

Crytek had already mentioned that Ubisoft was working on an XBox version of the game and had hinted that Ubisoft's Montreal studio was behind it. Ubisoft's confirmation simply confirms states that its Montreal Studio is indeed behind Far Cry - Instincts and promises the same level of excellence on the console version, including non-scripted AI and large environments. The statement does not mention which console(s) the title is being developed for but XBox and PS2 versions are almost a sure thing.

For a couple of screenshots from the console version follow the Screens tab above.