FIFA 2003 Crowned Virtual Soccer King

FIFA 2003 Crowned Virtual Soccer King

EA's FIFA Soccer 2003 has been officially crowned the king of all virtual soccer games. Due to its subject matter, the game has sold mainly in Europe and it is from there that most of the sales figures originate. According to European sales then, FIFA Soccer 2003 has outsold its competitors by almost two-to-one, reaching a total of 2.5 million copies sold.

In France the game has been at the top of the games sales chart for five weeks in a row, while in Germany it is at the top across all platforms.

These figures were announced by EA themselves so caution is advisable. It is almost certain however, that while most soccer enthusiasts admire the stunning visual depiction of the game, the same players will tend to complain about gameplay.

EA claim that they have worked hard, together with the top soccer stars in order to make the game more enjoyable and challenging to play. Even if their figures are not completely accurate it must be said that FIFA Soccer 2003 is considered the most complete game in its genre and EA's competitors have a long way to go before any worthy challenger appears on the market.

Maybe what EA's EA European General Manager Gerhard Florin said is true, Europeans love FIFA Football 2003 because it is a game designed by football players for football fans.

You can find a link to the FIFA 2003 demo by following the download tab above.

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