Final Fantasy VII Could Get Updated PC Re-Release

Final Fantasy VII Could Get Updated PC Re-Release

According to some rumours based around leaked information that appeared on one of Square Enix's websites, Final Fantasy VII, perhaps the most well beloved of all the series, could be getting a re-release on the PC - something fans of the game have been clamouring for for years.

Ever since Square teased us with the Final Fantasy VII tech demo during the early days of the PS3, people have been wanting a remake. A nice graphical overhaul, perhaps a few UI improvements, it wouldn't need much. Despite this however, Square has always vehemently denied that it was working on anything like that.

Now however, the rumour mill is spinning up again because the page - cached here - stated that there would be the classic Final Fantasy VII for PC, with a "host of new online features." These would include achievements, a "character booster" that would allow for stat tweaking - cheating - and a cloud save feature.

The page ends with a "BUY NOW PC Digital Download" price of £7.99 ($12.5).

The copyright reading 1997, 1998 at the base of the page is a bit odd, but cloud saves are a relatively contemporary feature so this isn't some old site that's just been accidently dredged up.

What do you think? Is Square finally going to give gamers what they want?