The Final Fantasy VII remake looks astounding

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a game that no one ever thought would see the light of day, not least Square Enix, which repeatedly said over the years that it wouldn't remaster or recreate it. But here we are, a few months into 2019 and we have a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer to look at. It's for the PS4, so we could even expect better visuals on the PS or PS4 Pro, but my god does it look beautiful.

Fans of the original will no doubt note that along with the significant graphical upgrade in the remake, the actual gameplay looks adjusted too. That has caused some consternation among fans, with some wanting a complete identical remake of the original with new graphics, while others want the original game untouched, claiming that it's perfect the way it is. The "Remake," should be exactly that, they say, a new game with the Final Fantasy VII characters and story.

The remake looks to employ the fluid, realtime/turn based mashup combat system from Final Fantasy XV with some similar UI elements and commands. It looks fast past and chaotic, but somewhat familiar due to the characters and enemies involved.

It's sure to be a contentious topic when the game releases at some point in the future. There's no word on when it will debut, but we wouldn't be surprised to see this game straddle PlayStation generations. It would be a hell of a PS5 launch title. Expect it to debut on other platforms later, circa 2020-2021.

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