First Deus Ex 3 Info And Gameplay Details

First Deus Ex 3 Info And Gameplay Details First Deus Ex 3 Info And Gameplay Details First Deus Ex 3 Info And Gameplay Details First Deus Ex 3 Info And Gameplay Details

The first year of Deus Ex 3's 24 months long development cycle is almost over and the first solid details on the game have finally emerged.

For their 200th issue, British magazine, PC Zone, is having a cover story on Deus Ex 3. The game, a prequel, takes place 25 years before the original Deus Ex. The player takes the role of Adam Jensen, a private security officer at a lab that manufactures the biochemical augmentations. The game's plot takes off when black ops commandos attack the lab and use one of Jensen's inventions to slaughter a mass amount of people, "then the conspiracy begins".

The game's aesthetic is described as "a beautiful meld of the renaissance and cyberpunk" that is more stylized and detailed than most unreal engine 3 games. "Deus Ex 3's vision of the future sees holographic screens flicker atop ferries moving back and forth in front of the Shanghai skyline, now split into two layers with the rich on the top and the poor in perpetual twilight below," wrote PC Zone.

Combat in Deus Ex 3 relies solely on the player's shooting skills, but this doesn't mean that the game ditched its stats system. Instead stats will influence "a vast array of fully upgradeable and customizable weapons", and you'll be able to tailor your arsenal to your play style with ammo upgrades, scopes and other add-ons.

The game will also introduce a new stealth and cover system to series as well as auto-heal similar to the one featured in Halo, Call Of Duty 4 and Gears Of War.

There will be at least 20 different augmentations in the game and some of them seem crazy enough to be entertaining on their own. According to your choice of augmentations, you can have tentacle shoot out of your back and cling to walls, and/or you can bunch through walls and grab enemies behind them. Weapons and augmentations will share the same experience points, so players have the choice to invest his experience in his body or weapon.

Interestingly, Eidos took the time to acknowledge the series' fans' dissatisfaction with Invisible War, and is assured that it is working diligently to avoid some of the same mistakes. Eidos also promised that the new Deus Ex 3 will appeal to hardcore fans as well as newcomers who never played the earlier titles.

Note: The screenshots alongside this article are from Deus Ex: Invisible War, the second game in the series.