Frictional Games debuts SOMA teaser trailer


Frictional Games, the guys behind the Amnesia and Penumbra series of first-person OHMYGODWHATISTHAT games, has released a teaser trailer for its previously teased through ARG videos, SOMA. It's a first person horror title, with hinted at psychological elements that play with the perception of self, reality and life itself.

Now go watch it below before reading on.

While certainly atmospheric, and indicative of what the final game will be, this is actually a custom level, featuring a minor-character, thereby there are no spoilers here, just hints of what is to come and what the game's setting might be.

The details are pretty thin on the ground at the moment. We don't know what the brain/Dr Octopus thing is, or the Matrix Sentinel robot, but thanks to the previous ARG videos from the SOMA website, we can speculate that they're people. Or at least they think they are - but then again, don't we all?

We do however know the following: The game is called SOMA, it's coming to PC and PS4 in 2015 and it's got some deep psychological and philosophical questions to answer. There's a few more details here too.

So let us know. What did you think? Is Amnesia-like enough for you and do you like the subtle hints at SCP?

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