Games, Music and Movies all in 7.1

Games, Music and Movies all in 7.1

Dolby Laboratories has announced the introduction of Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology.

Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology provides home theater enthusiasts with a solution for 7.1-channel playback of traditional stereo and 5.1-channel content, while maintaining all the richness and clarity inherent in any Dolby audio technology.

Extending the advanced matrix decoding techniques first introduced in Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, when added to a music or movie playback source, provides the most natural and seamless surround sound experiences available.

This new Dolby technology, when incorporated into audio/video receiver and processor products, will provide home theater enthusiasts with a flexible upgrade path, allowing them to connect extra channels and speakers to their 5.1- or 6.1-channel systems in the future.

Dolby Pro Logic IIx is the first technology to offer the choice of processing traditional stereo music and movie content into a 6.1- or 7.1-channel listening experience.

Home theater is about personal choice and lifestyle. For many consumers, a traditional 5.1 system provides the best performance within their listening environments, said Craig Eggers, Director, Consumer Technology Marketing, Dolby Laboratories.
However, with the introduction of Dolby Digital EX, home theatre enthusiasts began integrating two rear speakers with their side surrounds, Eggers continued. Soon, they were demanding independent 7.1-channel performance from their systems. Dolby Pro Logic IIx satisfies that need by introducing four independent full-range surround channels. The result is a highly compelling and natural multichannel listening experience.

Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology is ideally suited for a wide range of potential audiences, including:

- early-adopter A/V enthusiasts upgrading 5.1-channel or Dolby Digital EX home theaters to 6.1- or 7.1-channel status
- discerning listeners who demand a seamless, enveloping music and movie experience and the most versatility from their surround sound systems
- consumers of traditional two-channel content (such as laserdisc, VHS, or stereo TV) who appreciate natural, full-range multichannel listening experiences
- music lovers seeking a highly dramatic and natural-sounding multichannel experience from CDs, compact cassettes, MP3 files, and high-quality FM stereo broadcasts
- video game enthusiasts who appreciate the dramatic spatial effects, low-frequency background ambience, and vivid imaging

Continuing the Tradition of Innovation Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology expands upon highly sophisticated discrete and matrix decoding technologies developed by Dolby Laboratories, ensuring the highest quality and most thrilling audio experience available from today's entertainment software. Incorporating the very best elements of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, and Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology expands consumers' surround sound options beyond the 5.1-channel listening experience. Any speaker configuration from 5.1 to 7.1 channels can be used with Dolby Pro Logic IIx, depending on individual preference and system capabilities.

Products Coming Soon
The first consumer electronics products to incorporate Dolby Pro Logic IIx signal processing will be announced at the CEDIA 2003 show (September 5-7) in Indianapolis. These include:

- Arcam DIVA AVR300 AV Receiver
- Fosgate FAP-T1 Plus
- Marantz SR7400
- Meridian Audio Ltd G68 Surround Processor
- Pioneer VSX-59TXi
- Yamaha RX-Z9

The following hardware manufacturers will offer upgrades for current models in the marketplace. These include:

- Denon AVR5803 A/V receiver
- TAG McLaren AVR32
- TAG McLaren AV192 R
- Marantz SR9300, SR9200, SR8300, SR8200, and SR7300
- Meridian Audio Ltd Model 861 Surround Processor

Dolby anticipates further announcements shortly from leading consumer electronics hardware manufacturers, including Harman Kardon, Integra, Kenwood, Onkyo, and Sony.

In addition, a variety of DSP implementations are being developed by leading manufacturers of integrated circuits including:

- Cirrus Logic (CS49300) and (CS49400)
- Fujitsu (MB8634x) and (MB86D4x)
- Yamaha (YSS941) and (YSS942)
- Analog Devices (SHARC Melody, ADSP2116IN)
- Texas Instruments
- Motorola
- New Japan Radio Co. Ltd
- Asahi-Kasei

Dolby Laboratories' reputation for innovation and quality in developing multichannel surround sound technologies is well established with the theatergoer, the home theater enthusiast, and even the most casual listener, said Eggers. Nevertheless, it is particularly gratifying to see so many of our partners embrace this new technology as soon it became available. We look forward to working with all of our partners to deliver this new technology to the home theater enthusiast, he added.