GameTrac Joins Handheld War

GameTrac Joins Handheld War GameTrac Joins Handheld War

Another handheld gaming console is about to step-up and challenge Nintendo supremacy. Tiger Telematics, a company headquartered in Jacksonville, Fl, will release "GameTrac" a handheld video game console and will become yet another combatant in the emerging war of the handhelds. With Nintendo, the established force in the market, focusing on a younger audience and considering the poor response Nokia's N-Gage has so far received, the market may seem viable, even welcome. Look a bit further though and things are not that cosy, Sony is preparing to attack with its well-armed PSP, Zodiac has already reached coming soon status and gamers still find GamePark 32 appealing.

Despite the treacherous trail presented by the handheld market, Tiger Telematics (TT) have decided to move on and have announced that their offering will be based on the Windows CE .NET operating system. GameTrac will feature a large TFT screen, a built-in digital camera, bluetooth, GPS, mp3 music, video playback (MPEG 4) and 3D Mophun gaming, a technology which TT acquired recently from Synergenix. Mophun is a fast gaming system initially developed for mobile phones, enabling true real-time, multi-player gaming over mobile networks as well as high performance 3D graphics. A version of Mophun is also used by Nokia's N-Gage.

GameTrac will also offer a feature which will allow parents to track their children, if they are carrying the device, through its GPS (Global Positioning System) function.