GBA Sabre Wulf Ships

GBA Sabre Wulf Ships GBA Sabre Wulf Ships

THQ announced that it has shipped Sabre Wulf for the Game Boy Advance. Developed by Microsoft's acclaimed Rare studios, Sabre Wulf is the second of three games scheduled for release under THQ and Microsoft's multi-property Game Boy Advance publishing agreement. Sabre Wulf is now available at major retail outlets throughout North America.

A mysterious stranger has shattered the fabled Sabre Wulf amulet, unleashing the savage Sabrewulf from long years of imprisonment. Once again it falls on the shoulders of Sabreman, the fabled explorer and treasure hunter extraordinaire, to track and recapture his most fearsome nemesis. In the game, players take on the role of Sabreman and work to avoid traps and obstacles through breathtaking worlds filled with magical creatures and non-stop action. Sabre Wulf's unique gameplay features both 2-D and 3-D action.