GTA V has made more than $3 billion so far

As the most expensive game ever made, with some estimations placing costs at more than $265 million, Grand Theft Auto V needed to be a success, for Rockstar and its publisher Take Two. Fortunately, they needn't have worried, as it's proved to also be one of the highest grossing games ever too.

Revealed in court documents during the ongoing trial between former Rockstar lead producer, Leslie Benzies and Take Two Interactive, GTA V has sold enough copies to generate $3 billion.

"Mr. Benzies worked tirelessly with his team at Rockstar North for five years to create GTA 4: The Lost and Damned; GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony; and GTA 5," reads the document. "During that time, Sam Houser regularly referred to Mr. Benzies as his “partner,” sending dozens of emails praising his work and promising to always protect Mr. Benzies’ interests."

It goes on to highlight the strong relationship these men had, touting their good fortune at the game making so much money.

To put it into perspective, GTA 3 made just $25 million, GTA 4 eventually made upwards of $1 billion, but this is a far cry from the success of GTA V. Much of that is thought to come not just form game sales, but from after-market DLC and updates. In-game cash, online multiplayer upgrades, weapons and skins.

It all adds up. The only game to really make more than GTA V is likely World of Warcraft, which has been making tens of millions of dollars every month for over 10 years.

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