Hellgate Gets Its First Content Update

Flagship Studios announced today that Hellgate: London will be getting its first content update on January, 21, 2008.

The Stonehenge Chronicles update will see the first of the big balance sweeps of the character classes. The update also introduces The Wild which focuses on group play as well as a Dueling Arena for PvP battles.

There's also a whole slew of other overall improvements, tweaks, and additions, so take a couple of minutes to go through the release notes and see what's new.

Paying subscribers will gain access to a new area called Stonehenge which offers new items and monsters as well as access to "Essence Caves", the first place in the game offering non linear gameplay.

Based on the number and depth of balance changes to skills in this update, certain characters will be provided a "respec token" that allows them to reassign their skill points. This token is automatically placed in the character's inventory and can be used at any time.

All Evokers and Guardians will receive respec tokens, as will all characters in Subscription Member accounts.

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