Her Story clears up at IGF awards

Her Story clears up at IGF awards

Last night during the Game Developers Conference and the Independent Games Festival, the annual IGF awards took place, where some of the world's best and most innovative games were given nods for a number of different categories.

Unsurprisingly, games like Oxenfree took home the visual art excellence award, with its unique 2.5D take on the side scroller and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes pulled off a win in the Excellence in Design category, but it was Her Story that pulled the most praise from the audience - despite being perhaps the most non-traditional game of the entire line up.

It won the Excellence in Narrative Award, the Seamus McNally Grand Prize, the Innovation Award, Best Handheld/Mobile game and Best Narrative.

That's quite a spread for a pretty short game filled with a tonne of passive sections of simply watching video footage and trying to discern something about the woman on camera.

Other winners this year include Life is Strange, which won the Audience's approval, The Witcher III took home Best Technology, while Crypt of the Necrodancer won the Best Audio Award.

Rocket League pulled Best Design, while Ori and the Blind Forest received the Best Debut and Best Art Style awards.

What do you think of this line up of winners? Would you have given all of those awards to Her Story?