Here's what a full Halo Infinite match looks like

Here's what a full Halo Infinite match looks like

Halo Infinite is one of the most exciting FPS launches of its generation and it's coming sooner rather than later. Ahead of its impending release, 343 has been running some technical preview events — the next one starts today — and its released some footage of a recent one to give gamers the world over a look at just what it's like to play this next-generation shooter.

If the embed doesn't play ball, skip to 1:19:20.

The map in question was Live Fire, with players taking part in a Slayer game mode. It highlighted the inclusion of abilities like sliding, sprinting, mantling, and zooming no matter what gun you're using, making for a faster-paced Halo experience than some of the earlier games. It's not quite as manic as Halo 5, however, with more of a focus on map-based equipment pickups to help augment your preferred playstyle.

Also of note is how smooth the game plays. This is no 30 FPS shooter like Halo's of consoles past. It's fluid, but still looks great, with plenty of new advanced lighting effects and gorgeous texturing that makes the world of Halo feel more alive than ever before. That visual clarity has been used to great effect to enhance the multiplayer experience, too, using edge highlights rather than solid colors to differentiate between teams. It's still informative, but a little less jarring, and helps the game feel more grounded in-universe.

Are you excited for the technical preview taking place later today?