Horizon Zero Dawn mod adds full VR support

A new modification for Horizon Zero Dawn has added VR support to the already-existing experimental first person mode, and it looks to work rather well. The game still looks fantastic, despite being a few years old, and in VR it adds a whole new level of immersion that really makes the game come to life like never before.

It's not seamless, with a bit of a jumpy frame rate at times, and some slight visual hiccups, but the overall effect is strong, showing that there's real potential for companies to make VR modes for their games, even if VR isn't the major focus of the initial release.

Of course, a full VR game is still the ideal scenario for those lucky and wealthy enough to own a new-generation of headset, but even older Rift and Vive headsets from the mid 2010s can look pretty good in the right game.

You can play the entirety of Horizon Zero Dawn, from start to finish, in VR. You'll need to be a LukeRoss Patreon subscriber to get the mod, though.

Still, doing so gets you access to all his other VR injector mods too, for Red Dead Redemption II, GTA V, and more, so it's well worth it for just $10 a month.

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