Hunt Showdown is out of Early Access

Crytek's big game gamble, Hunt Showdown, is out of Early Access, marking the first game that the company has released in years and the beginning of a new stage in the game's life. Hunt: Showdown has been a relatively successful Early Access game, enjoying popularity and interest from the wider gaming world, but it's been marred by performance issues (would it be a Crytek game if it wasn't a resource hog?) and concerns over balance. But it's soldiering on nonetheless and will now continue to draw in players with a full release.

Hunt: Showdown is a PVPVE game where players alone or in teams of two, make their way across a 1890s swampy landscape in search of demons to kill. There are a number of grotesque enemies in their way which prove dangerous to anyone who comes into range,as well as environmental traps and triggers. But ultimately you face off against the big bad and when it's defeated, banish it for good to earn your reward.

That is, if you can make it out of the map alive. Because once the demon is banished, every player knows where you are and they'll be coming for the reward themselves.

Overall reviews for Hunt: Showdown have it as Mostly Positive on Steam and it looks set to continue to drum up thumbs up in its post-release life, but it's not without its challenges. Players have complained over a downgrade in graphics, to make the game more playable by a wider array of hardware. They also note that the skill ceiling in gun fights has come down, with weapon swap and two-step aiming removed.

There are also micro-transactions now that the game is post release and we all know how much gamers love them.

Hunt Showdown is a fun game but it may have its work cut out for it to become the mega-popular hit that Crytek needs it to be.

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