Intel 13th gen overclock breaks frequency record, hitting 8.8GHz

Intel's new range of Raptor Lake processors might not just be the best gaming and productivity chips right out of the box, but they're also breaking world records on frequency, too. An Intel Core i9-13900K has had its Performance cores overclocked to 8.81GHz, the highest frequency ever recorded for a commercial CPU. This steals the crown from AMD's ancient Bulldozer FX-8350, which held the record for over eight years.

The overclock was completed by famous OC team Elmo and Shamino, who worked in tandem with the Asus in-house overclocking team. They used an Asus ROG Maximum Z790 Apex motherboard, with memory overcloocked to 11,130 MTps, all cooled by liquid nitrogen. The result is a frequency record that breaks the 8.79GHz of the old AMD CPU.

But that's not all Intel has been up to. In a team over at MSI's headquarters, overclockers pushed the 13900K to 7.2GHz and broke world records in Cinebench R20, Cinebench R23, and SuperPi 32M, blowing past all attempts at competitor from even AMD's latest and greatest CPUs.

With watercooled 13900K CPUs breaking the 6GHz barrier, it looks like the new Intel processors have brought back overclocking in a big way.

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