Intel Coffee Lake should offer big performance gains

Coffee Lake CPUs are set for release in October, which isn't too far off and that's why we're starting to learn a little more about them. This latest leak does that and more with some real world benchmarks of a Coffee Lake system, even if its clock speed does appear to be locked and unable to Turbo up. Still, this gives us a great insight into the line's performance and it appears to be reasonably strong.

Spotted by Canadian Journalist Karl Morin at Dreamhack (thanks PCGN) he then commandeered a monitor and started setting up the system for some benchmarking. It's quite a bizarre scenario that has you wondering why no one stopped him, but ultimately he was able to run Cinebench to test out how the chip runs.

The resulting benchmarking session showed that the Coffee Lake 8700K is comparable in multi-core performance to a Ryzen 1600 X but beats it in single core performance. It is, however, dominated by Ryzen 7 1800X, even if it still trounces the AMD chip in single threaded scenarios.

While eventually, performance should be better than this, what that truly eans is that there's almost no point in buying one of the recently released Skylae-X chips. They aren't as powerful and cost around the same as the 8700K. Hold out for Coffee Lake if you're planning to upgrade.

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