Intel dedicated GPU could compete with 3070/6700 XT

No one quite knows how good Intel's upcoming dedicated graphics card will be, but there have been some leaks that suggest they could be quite powerful. A new report by Twitter leaker @TUM_APISAK, suggests that Intel's DG2 graphics card, featuring 448 Execution Units, could be competitive with Nvidia's RTX 3070, and AMD's 6700 XT.

APISAK claims that the DG2 will be clocked at 1.8GHz, and will be around 5% slower than the 3070, though they don't make it clear what kind of workload this is on, or if it's just one specific benchmark. In comparison, a 128 execution unit Intel GPU would run at 1.9GHz, and would be around 12% faster than a GTX 1650.

While this all suggests that Intel will be competitive with the lower-end GPUs in various brackets of the market, it also raises excitement about the potential for Intel's higher end cards. Intel's Raja Koduri recently unveiled the DG2 graphics chip with 512 execution units. If it can maintain close to the same clock speeds as the 448EU model, this may put it in contention with the 3070 Ti, or even begin to chase the performance of the 6800 XT and RTX 3080.

The introduction of a third company in the GPU market is of huge importance this year. Not just because it means more competition, which should help drive performance up and prices down, but because it means more GPU silicon hitting the market where it is almost non-existent for gamers. If you've been struggling to get any kind of new GPU over the past six months, Intel's upcoming dedicated graphics cards could be a real game changer, even if they can't quite match the performance of the Nvidia/'AMD counterparts.

Expect these Intel GPUs to hit store shelves in the coming months.

Image source: Raja Koduri/Intel

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