Intel Demonstrates StreamMyGame

Intel Demonstrates StreamMyGame

In his Computex 2008 speech, Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney demonstrated a new system that allows gamers to play their PC games through any mobile device. is a community website that incorporates new streaming software that enables members to play games and use applications when they are away from their PC. The PC game's video and audio is captured in real-time and sent over the Internet to a remote device. The keyboard input at the remote device is sent back to the PC and used to control the game.

"We are entering a new mobile age where everything from video, audio, software applications and games can be accessed and played on the move" said Richard Faria, StreamMyGame's CEO. "Our members can play games installed on their home PCs whenever and wherever they choose"

During the speech given by Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney, Intel demonstrated how a powerful Intel processor-based desktop PC hosting an intense 3-D game could be streamed and played remotely on a mobile device connected to the Internet wirelessly without compromising the game-play experience. The demonstration was made possible by the combination of powerful microprocessors and a fast WiMAX wireless broadband network.

"The computer industry is going through a historic transition to mobile computing," said Tim Sweeney, director, mobile WiMAX applications lab, Intel. "WiMAX wireless networks will help people get connected and offer remote access to their home applications and games, further improving their mobile experience."

StreamMyGame is compatible with all Windows games and members can stream to both Windows and Linux including Ubuntu, Fedora and Xandros making it an ideal complement for Intel powered MIDs, UMPCs, Atoms, EeePC and Ebox.