Japan is getting a Super Nintendo World theme park

Move over Disneyland, watch out Evermore Park, Super Nintendo World is under construction in Japan and has the potential to become one of the most hotly frequented theme parks in the world. Built around Nintendo's most popular properties and designed with the Mushroom Kingdom's classic aesthetic, the park is currently under construction and is set to open alongside the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The original development was announced back in 2015 when Universal Studios and Nintendo revealed their cooperation on its creation. There were a number of teases and content leaks, but we're finally getting towards the final product: Super Nintendo World as part of Universal Studio Japan.

You'll access various zones through classic Mario pipes, collect coins and climb flag poles (with some help), wander around Peach's castle and Bowser's too. There's also said to be a Yoshi's Adventure ride, which will feature as many as 40 animatronic Nintendo characters.

While the CGI trailer leaves a lot to be desired in terms of knowing what the eventual park will actually look like, some distant construction shots show that the real thing will be pretty similar to the imagined look and feel of the place.

The Mario Themed aspect of Super Nintendo World will debut next year, with plans to launch a Donkey Kong themed area in 2021. They will be followed by Super Mario themed areas launching in Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore in the years to come.

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