Juiced Drives Lamborghinis

Juiced Drives  Lamborghinis

Acclaim has a challenge to rise to and it's no mean feat. With the overwhelming commercial success of NFS Underground and the purchase of the Burnout series by EA, the company is left as a challenger to EA's dominance in racing computer games.
A good way to go about a task of this magnitude would be to fight EA on its own turf, i.e. create a street-racing game, sign a tried and tested team in that particular genre and to secure the rights to a prestigious automobile manufacturer with a very marketable name. It seems that Acclaim has done all three, the company has fished out the team behind Rare's Lamborghini, a title later abandoned by the developers, securing an exclusivity deal with prestigious Italian automobile manufacturers at the same time.

Acclaim announced that it has signed an exclusive global publishing agreement with Juice Games for their fall next-generation racing game, Juiced. Combining the best elements of simulation and arcade-style play, Juiced will feature more than 50 licensed vehicles; real-time modding with hundreds of authentic aftermarket parts; realistic car physics and damage; and online head-to-head play, including for the first time ever, crew based team racing.

Juiced is not just another handsome racing game, it is a full extension of the culture that embodies street racing, said Rod Cousens, Chief Executive Officer of Acclaim. Today's racing enthusiast wants more than just the control of the steering wheel; they want to fully personalize their experience, from the drivetrain to the decals. Juiced will give players the opportunity to go from artist to overdrive and test their mettle online in one of the best head-to-head racing experiences ever brought to the next-generation platforms. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Juiced, as in life, is all about the car. Style comes in a close second to speed, and Juiced offers thousands of real-time modding combinations that empower players to create their ultimate personality-infused street machines. But it takes more than a fresh coat of pearlescent paint to earn respect on the road; it takes the ball bearings to go up against the trash-talking, nitrous- burning faithful who want to strip everyone of their cash, cars and pride. Juiced lets players connect with their community and share the high-octane action by recruiting drivers to become part of their crew and race together as a team to put the brakes on the competition.

Juiced will offer many exciting features, including:

- More than 50 licensed vehicles, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Dodge, Ford, Mazda Mitsubishi, Pontiac, Holden, Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault, Subaru, Peugeot and Chevrolet;
- Hundreds of authentic aftermarket parts from leading manufacturers such as A'PEXi, AEM, Bridgestone, Ferodo, Konig, Alpine and HKS that provide players with thousands of personalized vehicle customization combinations;
- Progressive, non-linear gameplay that enables players to build their characters and cars, and gain respect and notoriety by winning races and cash;
- Unique blending of simulation and the high-octane appeal of arcade-style racing;
- Ability to build custom racing crews that work together as a team to win races;
- Authentic car physics and damage;
- Online head-to-head play on all platforms.

Juiced will be available in the fall for Xbox, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment and PC at suggested retail prices to be determined. The official Juiced Web site will be launched in the coming weeks.