Latest updates boost Battlefield V ray tracing performance dramatically

Ray tracing performance, even with Nvidia's super expensive flagship Turing card, the RTX 2080 Ti, has been rather poor. Even in games with optimization, we've seen FPS at 1080P with high-end ray tracing enabled leading to frame rates that barely make it past 60. 1440P or 4K performance was terrible, barely cresting 30 FPS at times. Battlefield V may see some improvement there though, as new driver and game updates have lead to a dramatic increase in performance.

The updates you'll need to get to take full advantage of the new and improved performance in Battfield V are the Nvidia Game Ready 417.22 WHQL driver and the Battlefield V: Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture patch. With those in place, you can expect to see 60 FPS with everything maxed out at 1440P with a 2080 Ti, 60 FPS with ray tracing set to medium with a 2080, or 60 FPS at 1080P.

This was all made possible thanks to optimizations the developers made to the game and the Nvidia drivers. They reduced the number of rays in certain settings, focused on additional rays where they matter, and changed how rays reflect off of debris in destructible environments.

Despite these improvements though, none of the hardware is ready for 4K ray tracing and all the ultra settings just yet, but 1440P at frame rates around 60 FPS seems to now be possible. Which is alright I suppose. Still, $1,200 of GPU and hundreds of dollars more just to get that much at a middling resolution? It's a big ask, isn't it?

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