League of Legends is the Most Played Game in the World

League of Legends

One of the more interesting aspects of games, besides actually playing them, is reading some of the mid blowing statistics that you can drum up with a bit of research. You've probably heard that at its peak, World of Warcraft had a whopping 12 million active players. Xbox Live is even higher with a total of over 40 million monthly subscribers. These stats pale in significance however, when compared with the gargantuan figures Riot games has released for League of Legends. As they put it, LoL is quite simply the most popular game in the world right now.

You'll have to take the developer's word for it, since it was the one that released that infographic () explaining it all. Taking that into consideration, when League of Legends is weighed up against WoW and Xbox Live, you get some crazy numbers. Over 70 million registered summoner names. An active monthly player base of 32 million. 12 million daily active players (over 50% more than instagram).

Riot even goes up against the entire Halo series with its numbers and blows Master Chief and his Covenent enemies away. In total the Halo games have been played for over 2 billion hours. LoL racks up half of that figure every month.

While this number was a lot lower than a billion, League of Legends has 4.1 million Facebook likes. That's nearly tree times what Psy's Gangam Style has. Now that's and impressive figure!

Still, looking at the rest of the stats, I feel pretty chuffed that I once managed a Pentakill. Apparently those only occur once in every 1,500 games.