Leaked benchmarks show 9700K as the new king of gaming

As much as AMD's Ryzen CPUs are fantastic all-rounders and have exceptional performance in multithreaded scenarios, Intel's CPUs do still tend to be that bit better at gaming. That looks set to continue with the next-generation of Intel CPUs, with the Core i7-9700K potentially becoming the best CPU for gamers available when the range debuts.

New benchmarks show a small, but noticeable improvement in gaming performance over the 8700K, the current darling gaming processor. Not only was it able to overclock to 5Ghz across all eight of its cores simultaneously with 1.4vcore, but it beats out its predecessors and often AMD's Ryzen CPUs in just about every gaming benchmark and a number of synthetic ones too.

In the slides that WCCFTech has put together, we can see the 9700K provide a few more frames per second than a 6700K in Far Cry 5, a couple more than the 8700K in Resident Evil 7, and a few more in Battlefield 1 too.

It does occasionally provide just comparable performance to AMD's 2700X in games and applications which support multithreading well, but that's no real surprise, since both chips operate eight cores a piece. Where the Ryzen CPU does have an advantage though, is with simultaneous multithreading, giving it 16 threads to work with. In comparison, the Intel CPU is part of the first Core i7 range in many generations not to support hyperthreading. Only Intel's Core i9 chips will have that feature in this Cofee Lake refresh generation.

Unfortunately we don't have any word on pricing for this new line just yet, but expect the 9700K to debut at around the $400 mark.

Image source: ElChapuzas

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