Leaked Presenation Reveals Xbox 720 Top Secret Features

Xbox 720

A powerpoint presentation that seemed to reveal a lot of information about the next generation Xbox console has been forcibly removed by Microsoft lawyers.

Some of the details contained within suggested that the Xbox 720 would be released in the Christmas period of 2013 - a date that has been put forward in the past as a potential launch date - and that it would cost just under $300. The proposed power output of the next-gen machine was said to be somewhere between four and six times more than current generation hardware, though this is a very vague figure that seems unlikely from an official document.

However, considering the Powerpoint file was purportedly put together in 2010, the writers wouldn't have had much to go on at that point, making it would have been more of a future guideline than an explanation of in-development hardware.

Perhaps the the most interesting piece of information spilled through the presentation is the release of a second generation Kinect that utilizes augmented reality glasses to accompany the next gen Xbox.

The presentation has been pulled offline at the behest of Microsoft, but we've managed to snag a complete version for you.

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