Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 looks gorgeous in the snow too

Microsoft is working on a brand new entry in its Flight Simulator series, called, imaginatively, Microsoft Flight Simulator. We added the 2020 in the title to make it clear what we're talking about, but it could be that once this game launches it becomes the definitive flight sim experience, with heaps of new connected features and a more in-depth and accurate world map than ever before.

It's also absolutely stunning to look at.

Flight simulator games have always been taxing on the systems they run on, but the new one from Microsoft is set to be the most demanding yet. With extremely detailed textures down to just a few centimetres of accuracy, and even some offloading of weather systems and terrain features to the cloud for additional processing, it's going to need a lot of graphical power to get the most of it.

Just take a look at this new snowy setting.

Not only do you have accurate clouds, with real snow falling from them, but intensely detailed landscapes that are effected by it. From snowy trees, to icy rooftops, dustings of powder over hills, and frozen lakes, there's every aspect of snowy climates there. It will also be accurate to real world weather in real time, so you may even be able to predict what your weather will be like in a day or two, just by taking a flight somewhere further afield.

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