Microsoft may be adding Spotify to the Xbox One

With the PlayStation 4 having Spotify available for music streaming for two years now, it's high time that Microsoft made it available for the millions of fans the service has all over the world. That may finally be happening too if rumors, leaks and speculation are to be believed.

It's understandable that Spotify maintained some level of exclusivity with Sony for some time, not because it's desireable for Xbox fans, but because they initially announced their relationship as such. However, as VG247 points out, there was always the hint that Spotify could show up elsewhere and now it may finally be happening.

The first hint we had of this news is that Microsoft's head of Xbox, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb was spotted using the application on his Xbox, a pretty solid confirmation that the feature is at least in testing. This was followed up by another Xbox fan spotting an article about Spotify on a Microsoft's retail partner's training site.

There's been no official announcement from Microsoft or Spotify at the time of writing, so it's unknown whether we can expect the app to show up in the very immediate future, or if its debut is still a few months away. What seems certain though is that it's coming.

Do you think Spotify should have been released on Xbox before now, or are you just happy that it's finally being ported over to one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world?

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