Minecraft is nearly 10 years old, check out its anniversary map

Minecraft will officially turn 10 years old this coming Friday, May 17, which should make all of us feel very old. But whether you've been playing this entire time, played it once in alpha, or recently jumped into your first, blocky, voxel world, the Minecraft 10th anniversary map is free to play for everyone and it's got some great sights to behold.

"If you’re a loyal reader of Minecraft.net, the kind of reader who bursts into tears whenever we go more than an hour without posting a new article, you may have noticed that we’ve been celebrating our 10th Anniversary a lot this week, even though we don’t officially turn 10 until next week," reads the Minecraft blog announcement. "We’re just too impatient to open your gifts early!"

That gift is a massive anniversary map with some truly gorgeous set pieces to enjoy.

Put together by the builders at BlockWorks, the 10th anniversary map is a trip through the history of the game's development and community. There's an actual museum you can walk through in-game, with exhibitions of developmental milestones, rides, puzzles, Easter Eggs to discover, and more. You can walk through and look at every piece of content in the game, safely secured in their own zoo-like enclosures. That includes some of the world's most dangerous enemies, and some of its cutest inhabitants.

The release is available for both Java and Bedrock versions of the game, with instructions on the linked page about about how to install and run it yourself.

Let us know what you find.

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