MMO Tycoon Board Game Richman Online Closed Beta Starts

Aeria Games announced the closed beta of one of its newest titles, Richman Online, a massive multiplayer online board game that allows players to become property tycoons.

Richman is a combination of some of the most popular board games where players can engage in purchasing property and even buy and trade stock in a constantly-changing stock market.

In the world of Richman, players have the ability to:

- Buy property and construct all kinds of businesses to force your opponents into spending money... and making you rich!
- Use a wide variety of cards to turn the situation to your favor! Wield missiles and land mines, influence the stock market or swap properties with other players!
- Travel on foot, on scooter, or by car, each granting you a different number of dice to speed across the board.
- Gain the favor of benevolent spirits to multiply your cash, and push the spirits of poverty onto your opponents!
- Set the length of your games and your turns - play as slow or as fast as you'd like!
- Enjoy custom outfits, dice, pets and visual effects purchasable with Aeria Points!
- If you need to run a quick errand, you can turn on the Trusteeship System to play for you for a while.
- Play on a wide variety of maps, each with unique layouts catering to large and small games.
- Play in three different modes: Regular Play, Competitive Play and Boss Battle!

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