Moore Comments On Halo Director

Moore Comments On Halo Director Moore Comments On Halo Director

Peter Moore has claimed that his choice of director for the Halo movie would be Ridley Scott although his comments, claiming that he enjoyed Aliens suggest that his lips may say Scott but his heart screams Cameron.

Speaking at a round table discussion during the Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2 community day, Peter Moore claimed that his personal top choice for Halo director would have been Ridley Scott although his comments on the subject confused the issue. I love Ridley Scott. I think of him with Aliens and Gladiator and if he could do it like the second Aliens, that sense of horror and action, that's one of my favorite movies of all time, said Moore. It is a fairly well known fact that Aliens was directed by James Cameron although it is possible that Moore's comments were not properly reported.

It is certain that Halo fans would not mind either Ridley Scott or James Cameron to direct the movie as both would be a great big step in the direction directly opposite to the otherwise wonderful Dr. Uwe Ball and Paul W.S Anderson.

It is odd that Peter Moore decided to throw in a comment about the Halo movie and mention names but he was also quick to add that... It's not our call. We created the intellectual property which was the screen play as the basis and once you hand it over to the studio they become in control. Moore also added that Microsoft has extensive creative control but most probably not on the actual cast of the movie.

So far we know that Peter Jackson will act as an Executive Producer on the Halo movie and that his people will take care of the special effects while we also know that Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later and The Beach, has already produced the script.