Mysterious AMD graphics card beat an overclocked RTX 2080 Ti

An unnamed and unknown AMD graphics card has just beaten a heavily-overclocked Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti the OpenVR benchmark, and by quite some margin. Paired up with an unnamed AMD CPU — later confirmed as a laptop 4800H — the unnamed GPU managed a score of 108.16 frames per second in OpenVR while running an HTC Vive at 90Hz with a resolution of 1,512 x 1,680. The highest overclocked 2080 Ti that ever used the test managed a score of just 88.10. That's a near 20 percent improvement.

But that's not even the half of it. If we compare this result to that of a more typical 2080 Ti, this AMD card looks to have beaten the $1,200+ card by almost 30 percent. That's a very fast GPU indeed.

AMD has reportedly been working on an "Nvidia Killer" card for some time, often colloquially known as "Big Navi." This GPU allegedly uses the Navi 21 GPU, which is twice the physical size of the RX 5700 XT's die and can perform twice as fast as it too. That doesn't mean twice as fast as a 5700 XT, although to achieve this result it would need to be somewhere around that ballpark. It was previously speculated that it could achieve performance similar to two 5600 XTs, as they use the same Navi 10 GPU as the 5700.

Whatever the hardware configuration though, it appears potent, especially since it was paired with a laptop CPU that is capable, but nowhere near as fast as the high-end desktop options it could have been paired with. Not to mention a high-end Intel CPU like the 9900KS, which would be even more impressive.

We don't know anything else for now, but this does leave us rather excited for what AMD may unveil in 2020. Even with Nvidia's impending 7nm Ampere reveal.

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